Building a tennis or multi-athletic court (or courts) on your property involves more than just the court itself.

Just think about it. In addition to the decisions you must make about the kinds of courts available to choose from, the surface that best fits your needs, the number of sports you want your court installation to accommodate, and the security measures you want in place, there are also the areas surrounding the courts to be considered from both functional and aesthetic standpoints.

Most installations will involve corollary projects:


Whether at court-side or at the head of a walkway accessing your court complex, having a level, sturdy, attractive patio provides a wonderful and relaxing complement to your facility. Oval routinely deals successfully–and tastefully–with such issues in both the design and implementation processes.

Masonry Work

The construction of stairs and masonry structures when your new facility is placed on uneven ground (of which there is an abundance in most areas) is not a frill. It is a necessity. The presence of masonry and stair-work in styles visually compatible with the other features of your facility is yet another enhancing factor in an overall plan for your installation. This, too, is part of Oval’s spectrum of services.

Retaining Walls

This painstaking task can involve moving, repairing, extending, demolishing, or reconfiguring walls. It takes a set of special skills to be able to create a stone and/or wood wall or complex of intersecting walls that perfectly sets off the shape and structure of your new court project. Oval Tennis has many, many years of experience with such work. We can build your walls out of a variety of materials.

Natural rock walls are built to last and cost-effective, most commonly created from rocks found on site. To see more of the types of walls that we build, see our Retaining Walls page!


The ability to protect your court complex from outside damage is an indispensable component of any outdoor sports installation. Oval has the equipment, the manpower, and the expertise to see that your fencing does its job and flatters its surroundings.

Vinyl fences offer easy to clean material and low maintenance upkeep. To see more of the types of walls that we build, see our Fences page.


Oval Tennis creates custom windscreens in a variety of different colors and materials! Tennis Windscreen is a great addition to complete any outdoor tennis court providing wind blockage, privacy, and the ability to create custom logos.

Backboard Hitting Walls

Get in more practice time, with or without a partner!

Oval Tennis can supply tennis backboard hitting walls in a variety of size options to provide users with a an aerobic exercise for players of all ages and ability levels. Tennis backboards are the perfect solution when a practice partner is not available, as they are created to be reliable and challenging. You will also be able to practice at your own convenience and pace.


Customize your court surface even further with stencils!

Oval Tennis can supply custom cut and made stencils in three to five separate pieces. These works are extensive and timely, as we need to mark each phase of color and design in masking tape first.

Lighting Systems

Lighting can increase the playing day and allow a facility to accommodate more athletes and matches. The addition can be a major contributor to a facility’s overall energy usage which is why a fixture’s efficiency is crucial to keeping power consumption at a minimum.

Advancements in LED lighting technology have made it one of the best lighting solutions available today. To see more of the types of lighting systems that we build, see our Lighting Systems page.

Air Structures

Extend the use of your courts during the winter months with air structures. Over the years we have developed solid relationships with air structure manufacturers, local independent installers, and trade contractors (electrical, plumbing), and have coordinated with these contractors and suppliers to create a seamless air structure installation with the least damage to your tennis courts.

Irrigation Systems

Whether your facility is grass, clay, or even an artificial surface, you will need to have the means available to water and wash your courts to help keep them clean, healthy, free of debris, and beautiful. Oval Tennis routinely includes irrigation and watering provisions in all of its court complexes. To see more of the types of drainage systems that we build, see our Drainage page.