Tennis Court Maintenance and Reconditioning Illustrated

Installing outdoor or indoor athletic courts at your home or facility is an exciting event. Anticipating the hours of fun and healthy exercise that stretch before you is just the first of the pleasures you will experience, followed by the play itself, the cool-down and conversation, and the scheduling of your next session.

But none of these pleasures endures for long if you don’t maintain your tennis, or bocce, or basketball, or multiple-use court regularly. Wear and tear and subtle deterioration are the inevitable consequences of time and use, and you will need to hold those forces at bay to continue enjoying the facility you have invested in.

Oval Tennis has both the materials and personnel to maintain your courts regularly, so that you can continue to experience the quality of play your facility provided for you on that very first day you used it.

Whether we built your facility, or you purchased it from a previous owner who had installed it, or you had contracted with some other company (we forgive you) for its original construction, Oval Tennis can help you keep your recreational experience at a very high qualitative level.

We can replace broken equipment, refinish or resurface courts, reapply or patch court materials, replace netting, reinstall tapes and lines exactly where they should be, or perform most other maintenance and upgrading functions your facility might need or you might want.

All this work will be done by Oval Tennis employees and contractors with decades of experience in the court construction and court maintenance businesses, using the best and most durable materials today’s technology can provide, in an efficient and cordial manner, and at a reasonable cost.