Lighting can increase the playing day and allow a facility to accommodate more athletes and matches. The addition can be a major contributor to a facility’s overall energy usage which is why a fixture’s efficiency is crucial to keeping power consumption at a minimum.

Some pictures courtesy of Techlight, Inc.

Center Court Pro

The Center Court Pro Fixture was designed from the very beginning to provide unmatched performance for the tennis industry. It is a True Type IV Forward Throw fixture made for precise light control and minimum light spillage. The quality of construction and ease of installation not only makes it the first choice in tennis lighting, but the only choice for many industry professionals.

LED Lighting

Advancements in LED lighting technology have made it one of the best lighting solutions available today. Our LED fixtures are engineered to deliver high quality with the highest efficacy available. An LED system can operate at a fraction of the energy required for an HID system. That alone can make switching installing an LED fixture the smart choice.

There are two different types of LED lighting. Scimitar 4 Brick is for low level lighting, while LSMA is perfect for high mast perimeter lighting.